ICC New Rules📜: Official from Sep 28📆

The ICC has introduced a number of changes to its playing conditions which will be effective in all series starting 28 September or later.

DRS Changes 👇
🔰 Umpire's Call Redemption: If an umpire's LBW decision is upheld: during DRS, but any one of the 3 conditions (impact, pitching in line & hitting the stumps) is labelled 'umpire's call' then the team is allowed to retain the review even though the decision is upheld👍.
🔰No Review Revival: A team is allowed only 2⃣ reviews in a Test innings. There won't be any top up after 80 overs😯.
🔰More Power to the TV📺 umpire: If a batsman reviews an LBW decision and replays suggest that the ball strikes the pad and the bat simultaneously, then the 3rd umpire can overturn👎 the decision. Previously, the 3rd umpire would go with the on-field umpire's call.
🔰T20 Debut: DRS to be introduced in the shortest format as well👏.

And That's a Penalty 👇
🔰After the ball is played back to a bowler if he flings the ball back in the direction of the batsman while he is still in the crease, then the batting team will be awarded 5 bonus runs if the throw strikes the batsman's arm as he takes evasive action.
🔰Red Card: A player can be sent off📕 for a Level 4 offence which include threatening to assault an umpire, making deliberate or inappropriate contact with an umpire and physically assaulting another player.
🔰No more 2nd warning for bowlers who bowl beamers. One warning and if they err again they are suspended from bowling in that innings.

Other Changes 👇
🔰Bowlers' Respite😓: Bat's thickness cannot exceed 67mm
🔰Batsmen Bail Out: Once a batter has landed the bat behind the crease, he/she will not be ruled run-out/stumped even if the bails are dislodged when the bat bounces later.
🔰Rebound Rejoice: The helmet is now considered as part of fielder's person. So if a catch is completed after it rebounds of a fielder's helmet, the batsman is out.

Technicalities 👇
🔰Any byes or leg byes scored off a no-ball will now be scored separately. If a bye is run off a no-ball it will be treated as 1 bye+1 no ball. Previously it was called 2 no-balls.
🔰If the ball slips from the bowler's hand and bounces twice before reaching the batsman, it would be called a no-ball instead of a dead ball.
🔰Any cloth that the fielding side use to dry a ball needs to be approved by the umpires.
🔰A team is allowed to field a substitute keeper.


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