Linking Me to Mungiki Won't Reverse Defeat by 👔Uhuru🔊: Kuria Tells 😎Raila

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Moses Kuria has said NASA's attempts to associate him with Mungiki "will not wash away the fact that they will be defeated on October 26". In an address to the press earlier on Tuesday, Suba South MP John Mbadi claimed the Gatundu South MP met youths in Banana, Ndonyo and surrounding Kikuyu suburbs, the sole aim being attacking NASA protesters.

He claimed the people have pangas and were being transported to town for free to cause chaos. But Kuria stated he is not part of the outlawed sect and that he identifies with the Nairobi Business Organisation.

"We as Jubilee are busy looking for votes. Trying to associate me with Mungiki will not save NASA from the assured fate which is defeat at the ballot box," he told press conference in Nairobi. The legislator further stated he has nothing to do with causing mayhem on the streets as Opposition supports demonstrate for the removal of IEBC officials. Kuria asked the National Super Alliance to ensure its protests do not interfere with business.

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