SS Rajamouli🎬 On Making the Mahabharata🏹 Next

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Filmmaker S.S. Rajamouli denied reports🗞 that after breaking records with the “Baahubali” ⚔franchise, he is making another big budget film based on the Mahabharata🏹, saying that he is not working on anything and enjoying his break.

🔈“I am not making Mahabharata. I just said that my dream is to make Mahabharata but it is a long time to get to that,” Rajamouli shared. 🔈“I haven’t started anything. I am just taking a break. It wilsome time before I will be starting to work on my next project,” he added.

Rajamouli attained global🌎 acclaim by creating “Baahubali” — which went on to become India’s🇮🇳 biggest blockbuster with worldwide earnings of over Rs 900 crore💰.

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