Donald Trump

Trump 👨🏼 thinks Spain 🇪🇸 should 'remain united' 💪🏻

President Donald Trump suggested Tuesday that Spain should “remain united.”

Spanish authorities are trying to block secessionists in Catalonia from following through with an independence referendum set for Oct. 1. Authorities have reportedly seized millions of ballot papers and fined top Catalan officials.

“Well, I think that Spain is a …

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Trump 👨🏼: 'I wasn't preoccupied with the NFL'‼️

President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he has "not at all" been "preoccupied" by the NFL and the controversy surrounding the National Anthem.

"I wasn't preoccupied with the NFL," Trump told reporters in the Rose Garden. "I was ashamed of what was taking place."
Trump is currently embroiled in a …

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Bending 😨 the knee 👟

It looks like the NFL 🏈 heat hasn't cooled off 😨 yet. Trump 👨🏼 dedicated half his twitter feed to respecting the National Anthem, and then spent the rest of it calling out Fake News 😡, being annoyed at Mc Cain and finally, talking about Hurricane Maria‼️

🐦 CNN is FakeNews. Just reported COS (John …

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Trumpcare 👨🏼 collapses again‼️

The latest Republican effort to unwind the Affordable Care Act collapsed on Monday, as a third GOP senator announced her opposition to the proposal and left it short of the votes it would need to win passage.

Sen. Susan Collins announced she could not back the measure authored by Republican …

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