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Panda's habitat 'shrinking and becoming more fragmented'

Despite signs that numbers of giant pandas are rising, suitable habitat has shrunk, according to satellite data. The forests where the panda lives are in worse shape than in 1988, when it was first listed as endangered, scientists say. Last year, the giant panda was downgraded from endangered to vulnerable …

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Electric zap ‘wakes’ man after 15 years in a vegetative state

A man in France has regained some aspects of consciousness after being in a vegetative state for 15 years, after surgeons used a technique to stimulate his brain via a nerve in the neck. The 35-year-old was diagnosed as being in a vegetative state – now referred to as “unresponsive wakefulness …

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Australia to create national space agency

Australia will establish a national space agency to grow its space industry, the government has said.

Acting Industry Minister Michaelia Cash said it was "crucial" that Australia capitalised on the rapid growth of the global space industry.

"The agency will be the anchor for our domestic co-ordination and the front …

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Yet Another Giant Iceberg Has Broken Free From Antarctica

Satellite images taken this past weekend show a new 100-square-mile iceberg emerging from Antarctica’s Pine Island Glacier. The calving event did not come as a complete surprise, but it’s a troubling sign with regards to future sea level rise.

Pine Island Glacier (PIG) is the fastest melting glacier …

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Plastic waste now polluting Arctic Ocean, scientists find

Plastic waste in the ocean is now so widespread it is polluting remote ice floes in the Arctic, scientists have discovered. A team from Exeter University discovered blocks of polystyrene in areas hundreds of miles from land which until recently were covered by ice all year round.

Large plastic pieces …

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Botanic gardens 'best hope' for saving endangered plants

The world's botanic gardens contain about a third of all known plants and help protect 40% of endangered species, a study has found. Scientists say that with one in five of the world's plants on the brink of extinction, botanic collections hold the key to saving rare plant life.

In …

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China 🇨🇳 blocks 🚫 Whatsapp‼️

China has largely blocked the WhatsApp messaging app, the latest move by Beijing to step up surveillance ahead of a big Communist Party gathering next month.

The disabling in mainland China of the Facebook-owned app is a setback for the social media giant, whose chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, has been …

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iPhone 8 📱 reportedly supports 👍🏻 Enhanced Voice 🔊 Services

HD Voice - using LTE data to offer enhanced voice quality during phone calls - has been available on Apple devices since the iPhone 6, and it now appears the iPhone 8 supports the next generation of the technology. A Japanese site is reporting that the iPhone 8 supports Enhanced Voice Services …

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Setting and managing Reminders ⏰ finally coming to Google 🌍 Home 🏠

Since its launch, Google Home has been missing one straightforward feature: reminders. Fortunately, the functionality appears to be launching soon according to a new Google support document.

“Set and manage reminders on Google Home” was published earlier today and details the feature. On the Assistant smart speaker, users will be …

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