👱🏼Trump in 2000🔊: Princess 👑Diana Was 'Crazy' but Would Have Slept with Her

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The president revealed he would have slept with the British princess 'without hesitation' if he'd had the chance when he appeared on controversial DJ Howard Stern's radio show in 2000 - just three years after Diana was killed in a car crash.

Trump told the shock jock that he thought Princess Diana was 'crazy' but said they were 'minor details' as she was 'really beautiful, supermodel beautiful.' Trump was a regular guest on Howard Stern's show during the 1990s and early 2000s, where the pair would have misogynistic and lewd conversations about sex and the attractiveness and worth of women

'She had the height, she had the beauty, she had the skin, the whole thing,' he said during the May 200 call-in. 'She's magnificent. 'She was crazy but these are minor details,' he added. Princess Diana was third on his list, after ex-wife Ivana in second and now-First Lady Melania in first.The show saw him also make outlandish comments about Angelina Jolie, who he said had lips that were too big, as well as Mariah Carey and Cindy Crawford, who he also said he would sleep with.

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