Trump 👨🏼 thinks Spain 🇪🇸 should 'remain united' 💪🏻

  |   Donald Trump

President Donald Trump suggested Tuesday that Spain should “remain united.”

Spanish authorities are trying to block secessionists in Catalonia from following through with an independence referendum set for Oct. 1. Authorities have reportedly seized millions of ballot papers and fined top Catalan officials.

“Well, I think that Spain is a great country, and it should remain united. We’re dealing with a great, great country, and it should remain united,” Trump told reporters Tuesday afternoon during a joint news conference alongside Spanish leader Mariano Rajoy.

“I’ve been watching that unfold, but it’s actually been unfolding for centuries,” the president added. “Nobody knows if they’re gonna have a vote. I think the president would say they’re not going to have a vote, but I think that the people would be very much opposed to that. I can say, only speaking for myself, I would like to see Spain continue to be united.”

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