Trump 👨🏼 warns ⚠️ of 'devastating' military option 👀 as North Korea 🇰🇵 moves jets

  |   Donald Trump

President Donald Trump issued a familiar warning to North Korea on Tuesday, saying the US is prepared to use "devastating" military action if necessary -- as two US defense officials tell CNN that the rogue nation has moved a small number of fighter jets, external fuel tanks and air-to-air missiles to a base on its eastern coast to boost military readiness.

The officials would not go beyond saying a small number of assets had been moved by the regime to a known airfield in the eastern part of the country.

The move was seen in US satellite imagery and is viewed by the US as a North Korean effort to boost its military readiness in the eastern sector. It would give the aircraft an ability to fly eastward further than its estimated 900-mile range.
Imagery so far has observed Mig-29 aircraft at the site. Some missiles and fuel tanks are on the planes, but for now, no single jet is carrying both the external fuel tanks and the missiles.

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