Venezuelan 🇻🇪 families 👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 scavenge for food 🍲 to survive hunger 😖

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As the economic and political crisis deepens in Venezuela, so do the levels of hunger. A survey by a top university found the average Venezuelan has lost nine kilograms in the past year.

Many families are now forced to scavenge for food in what was once South America's richest country.

Venezuela's prolonged and acute economic crisis - characterised by food shortages and hyperinflation - has seen infant mortality rise to almost 35 percent and maternal mortality to 65 percent in just the last year. Anemia is rampant.

The oil-rich country is now leading Latin America in what is alled acute malnutrition, defined by experts as a rapid decline of nutrition that puts a child’s life at risk.

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