LSK Faults 👮Police for Using Excessive Force✊, Abusing ⚡Power

  |   Kenya News

The Law Society of Kenya has raised concerns about what it terms the increasing abuse of police powers. The LSK yesterday pointed to the increased incidents of remanding suspects for offences punishable by a fine, the use of excessive force in quelling protests, lobbying of teargas canisters in court precincts and the rearrest of Embakasi East MP Babu Owino on Wednesday.

Owino's lawyer, Otiende Omollo, was manhandled as police tried to whisk Owino away. During protests on Tuesday by NASA supporters outside the IEBC offices, LSK president Isaac Okero (pictured) said police lobbed teargas canisters, chased and beat unarmed and peaceful protesters, contrary to the rules on the use of force contained in the National Police Service Act.

"Protesters who are as peaceful and unarmed are entitled as other persons to the protection of their constitutional rights to dignity, freedom and security and not to be treated in a cruel, inhumane or degrading manner," he said. The LSK said the police abused their statutory power of arrest.

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