PM Modi ‘singularly responsible’ for damage to economy, says Congress leader Anand Sharma

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Senior Congress leader Anand Sharma on Thursday said India was in a real danger of slipping into economic depression and accused PM Modi of being “singularly responsible” for the damage by his “reckless” decisions. Sharma, in a statement, demanded that the government release a white paper on the state of Indian economy and list out measures to arrest the “free fall”.

“It is a matter of grave concern that the Indian economy is fast slipping into deep recession, with no hope of recovery in the foreseeable future. All fundamental parameters remain in constant decline,” he alleged.

He accused Modi of “betraying” the youth as his government, which promised 10 million jobs a year, had not only failed to create jobs but was “responsible for destroying” millions of jobs by its “irresponsible and wrong policies and decisions”. The former Union minister alleged that the informal sector has been badly hit, small businesses were shutting down resulting in more job losses and “tax terrorism has been let loose as the input credit refunds are not made”.

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