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Ask Didi: Gut worms to lose weight🤔???

(+26...4) asks can I use gut worms to lose weight🤔???

As gross as it sounds, yes, it is possible to use tapeworms for a diet. Victorian women tried it, and there are some who attempt it even today. A tapeworm infection is guaranteed to make you lose weight, but …

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Ask Didi: Sick 🤢after ovulation?

(+26...1) asks is it normal to feel sick 🤢after ovulation?

Yes, while it is not as common as feeling sick before and during menstruation, some women experience pain and nausea 🤢 around ovulation. If you find that you are in pain all the time, go to the doctor to check …

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Ask Didi: 17 and scared 😱 of asking a girl out?

(+26...9) asks I'm now 17 but still scared 😱 of asking a girl out?

Asking someone out can be nerve-wracking at any age. If you do ask a girl out, be proud of yourself 🤗for having the guts to do so! Keep in mind that even if you get rejected …

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