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The First Humans Emerged 170,000 Years Earlier Than We Thought

The first modern humans may have emerged up to 350,000 years ago—170,000 years earlier than previously thought. Analysis of ancient DNA has allowed scientists to trace back the ancestry of people from South Africa to determine when our ancestors split from other hominin species. Their findings consistently …

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Could wood pulp make cars lighter and more efficient?

Car parts of the future could be made out of a surprising material. Wood. Researchers in Japan are working to create a strong material out of wood pulp that could replace steel parts in vehicles within a decade. Work is also charging ahead in the country to develop plastics that …

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The archaeological treasures IS failed to destroy

After IS declared a caliphate in the summer of 2014, thousands of archaeological sites in Iraq fell into the hands of its fighters. Archaeologists returning to areas recaptured from IS have found other ancient sites turned into parking lots, statues smashed and manuscripts disappeared.

Magnificent winged bulls which guarded the …

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Worldwide 🌍 airport ✈️ chaos after computer 💻 check-in systems crash 😱

Air passengers have been suffering major disruption at airports around the world after computer check-in systems crashed.

Problems were reported at airports including London's Heathrow and Gatwick, Charles de Gaulle in Paris, Zurich, Melbourne, Johannesburg, Changi in Singapore and Washington DC's Reagan Airport.

Travellers endured delays at check-in desks after …

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Google 🌍 Drive now works with 👍🏻 iOS 11’s new Files 📁 app

Google announced this week that Drive now fully integrates with Apple's new Files app on iOS 11. Files allows you to access documents and media from multiple cloud providers including iCloud Drive and Dropbox in a single interface.

After installing the latest version of Google Drive on an iPhone or …

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