UoN 🙇Students, Staff Threaten to ✊Protest After 👮Police Assault at Varsity

  |   Kenya News

The Thursday police assault on University of Nairobi students has attracted public outcry and condemnation by human rights activists and lawyers. Video recordings of the police, believed to be drawn from the General Service Unit, were widely shared on social media platforms.

The clips show the officers raiding students in their hostels, libraries and even lecture halls and beating them with riot batons. The recordings show the students being frog-marched, crammed in corners and corridors of the hostels and lecture halls.

An overzealous group of police then descend on them with slaps, kicks, blows, beating them as they trampled some who lay on the floor. Students, staff, security officers based at the institution's Mamlaka road wing told the Star on Friday that things got worse at around 4 pm. The police had engaged students in running battles from mid-morning before they indiscriminately broke into their study halls, libraries and hostels.

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