🔊Anita Hill: “We Cannot Let This 🙅Moment Pass”

  |   Hollywood

The famed women's rights advocate and attorney participated in a conversation with National Women's Law Center president and CEO Fatima Goss Graves on Friday afternoon at UTA headquarters in Beverly Hills.

It’s been 26 years since Anita Hill testified that Clarence Thomas repeatedly sexually harassed her and he was nonetheless confirmed as a Supreme Court justice. On Friday afternoon at UTA headquarters in Beverly Hills, the attorney reflected on her experiences in the context of Hollywood’s nascent reckoning of sexual misconduct.

“I don’t see 1991 and 2017 as isolated moments. They’re part of the arc of history bending toward justice,” said Hill.

“We look at stories through race, class and physical appearance [in determining who is believed and who isn’t],” Hill said. “We cannot let this moment pass without examining that.”

Hill also urged the entertainment community to wield its creative talents and its massive platform responsibly. “We need realistic representations of sexual harassment. We need an examination of who is in control of content.”

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