Former GSU 💂officer on death💀 row escapes from Siaya Prison❗

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An ex-GSU officer serving a death💀 sentence has escaped:exit: from the Siaya GK Prison.

Francis Musyoka was an officer attached to the Anti-Stock Theft Unit before he was sacked❌ in 2015 for gross misconduct. Since then he has been involved in a series of crimes and has been involved in more than 5⃣ violent robberies across the country though the Court found him guilty only for 2⃣ of them

Musyoka seems to have been at this Siaya prison only for 3⃣ weeks. It is reported he escaped on Thursday at around 6.30pm by jumping over the prison fence before disappearing into thickets.

Musyoka’s escape on Thursday left Siaya town rent with 🔫gunshots for close to half an hour. The 👮police have not yet re-arrested him though they searched the town the whole night.

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