Sex for 🐟fish cause of high 💉HIV rate in Budalang’i 🔈 official

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Sex for 🐟fish has been identified as the root cause of the high⬆ HIV and Aids prevalence in Budalang'i, which currently stands at 8.2% above the national rate of 5% per cent😞

The remark was made by Busia county Trade director Ashikoye Abwalaba 🔈 to Bunyala North ward residents during a public participation forum held at the Mudembi trading centre on Thursday.

He said there is an urgent need for stakeholders to embark on a marathon sensitisation programme for youths at the grassroots level on the effects of HIV and Aids.

Ashikoye 🔈 irresponsible sex is a major challenge which, unless urgent action is taken to sort out, "is likely to send many people to the grave prematurely".

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