Uber settles defamation lawsuit filed by Indian rape victim

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Uber has agreed to settle a US civil lawsuit with a woman who accused its executives of improperly obtaining her medical records after she was raped by a driver in India.

The Uber driver was sentenced to life in prison for the rape in 2015.

In December 2014, the 26-year-old Delhi woman, who later moved to Texas, filed a case anonymously in which she said she had been kidnapped and raped by Shiv Kumar Yadav.

She had used the Uber smartphone app to book a taxi home but said she had been taken by Yadav to a secluded area and raped.

Yadav was sentenced to life in prison following a criminal case in India. As well as the court case, the woman sued Uber and settled out of court.

However, she filed a new suit in the US after reports emerged that Uber had investigated the complaint, obtained her medical records and speculated that she made up the claims to hurt the firm's business.

She alleged in the lawsuit that Uber had violated her privacy and defamed her character.

The lawsuit, which was settled in San Francisco where Uber has its headquarters, also said the company had kept a copy of the woman's medical records.

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