Duta Exclusive💥: ⭐Virat & 💃Anushka's Marriage Reception in Mumbai❓

The rumours surrounding the seemingly impending marriage of one of India's darling couples - Virat Kohli & Anushka Sharma - have gathered frenetic pace in the last couple of days.

Though the official spokesperson of Anushka Sharma denied all such rumours a couple of days ago, it has not put an end to the excitement among cricket and Bollywood fans in India alike.

What with the Indian captain being excused from the upcoming ODI & T20 series against Sri Lanka and Anushka Sharma jetting off abroad with her family & relatives, speculation is rife that the couple will tie the knot at a secret location in Europe in the coming week.

Now, Duta has learnt that a major hotel in Mumbai has been booked for the marriage reception of a prominent couple on December 21st. Additionally, it has been indicated that the booking party is India's very own 'Virushka👫'.

Apparently, Sachin Tendulkar and Zaheer Khan have been invited to the event.

Looks like it is finally happening❗

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