Bella Thorne Claims🔊 She Was Sexually Molested😱

  |   Hollywood

Bella Thorne, 20, made her startling confession on Dec. 8 while shutting down one of her haters online. First, the 'Shake It Up' star posted a picture of her with some major cleavage the day before, saying “I would f*ck this suit if I could.” Admittedly, Bella was wearing a pretty snazzy suit, but some didn’t appreciate her amorous intentions for her wardrobe. “What did Disney do to this girl!?” someone asked. “I think she was molested.” Sadly, that troll’s callous comment was too close to the truth.

“Yeah, I was,” Bella tweeted. “So it wasn’t Disney.” Four minutes after that, she tweeted that “the world can be a sick place sometimes :/” Wow. Bella just joined the growing number of women sharing their experiences with sexual assault.

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