Buibui Under Siege From 👚Fashion Trends, Prostitutes😣 and Terrorists

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Image Credits: The Star

Buibui, a conservative attire👗 common among Muslim women, is losing its age-old dignity as corrupting elements invade it. These include fashion, prostitution and crimes including 💣terrorism.

Fashion has turned it from loose, dull and concealing to tight, flashy💫 and revealing (through a slit). Prostitutes use it as cover for their business. Terrorists use it to evade suspicion, while shoplifters👀 use it conceal stolen goods.

In the Islamic holy 📕book, Quran, Allah ordered women to dress in attires that are less attractive to men. Even though not mentioned, black was the chosen colour as it is dull and less attractive and further associated with mourning.

The dress is supposed to be loose and long, covering most parts of your body, only hands🖐 and face🙋 are spared from being covered. However, the fashion and usage revolving around the buibui is slowly diluting the meaning of the dress and generating criticism.

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