Jubilee’s💫 Plans as NASA Prepares to ‘Swear’🗣 in Raila

  |   Kenya News

Image Credits: Standard Media

Jubilee Party intends to downplay NASA leader Raila Odinga’s plan to swear🗣 himself in on Tuesday and instead make a mockery of it hoping this would cool👍 down the political temperatures. In a secret strategy paper📑 leaked to the Sunday Standard, Jubilee’s plan is not to interfere with the swearing-in ceremony.

The party thinks that interfering with the ceremony will give Raila the impression that he is 👔President Uhuru Kenyatta’s equal.

At least 30 Members of Parliament a dozen governors and Jubilee political strategists attended the closed-door🤐 meeting whose recommendations have been forwarded to President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto.

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