Ask Didi: Funny questions🤣!

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Funny questions digest🤣!

(+27...2) asks why can't females kick dogs🐶? Answer: Neither men nor women should have any business kicking dogs!

(+23...9) asks can a girl get pregnant 🤰 through wearing your brothers underwear? Answer: No, unless your brother's underwear feels oddly wet🤢.

(+27...0) asks how to measure balls🍒? Answer: Doctors 👨‍⚕️ use an "orchidometer" which is just a set of beads. In the absence of an orchidometer, didi recommends a ruler📏.

(+27...4) asks is it safe to feed my dog with hyperbolic supplements💊? Answer: Dogs should only eat dog food, not bodybuilding 💪supplements designed for humans.

(+23...6) asks how often should a man change his underwear🤔? Answer: As your mom surely must have told you, every day!

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