NASA Astronaut to play tennis in the space

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March 9 2018 will be an historical date for tennis and not only. On that day A.J. Feustel, an USTA and NASA astronaut, will play a tennis match in space, and he will bring with him two mini rackets and balls.

Feustel, a member of the NASA's Expedition 55, won't be alone: with him there will be also the NASA astronaut Ricky Arnold and Oleg Artemyev, Russian space agency Roscosmos's astronaut. During a conference call, Feustel expressed his emotion and revealed how he started loving tennis.

'Tennis is one of my loves, actually tennis is because of my love', Feustel said. 'Tennis came into my life later, after I met my wife. She comes from a huge tennis playing family, and those experiences and those interests rubbed off on me and our kids.'

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