Sonam Kapoor Admits🗣 She Rejected a Film Due to Pay💵 Disparity

  |   Bollywood

Pay disparity between the male actors and female actors runs deep in Bollywood since ages and that's a known fact. However, 'Neerja' star Sonam Kapoor shed light on the same during a recent event, sharing that she has rejected multiple projects as she wasn't compensated fairly for the same.

Quoting one such incident, she said, "Recently I was offered a project, which I was excited for, but the money being paid was s***. I made a call and said, this is very disrespectful. There was shock on the other side. I told them, you put me in a position after being ten years in the industry, after giving the most profitable film 'Neerja' a year ago, so please tell me why is it that this is what you decided to give me."

“They were like ‘Our last film with so and so star didn’t do well so we don’t have that much money.’ I was like, because of this xyz star whose film didn’t do well, the one person whose film actually did very well you want to underpay me to pay this ‘star’ more? I told them to move on and get someone else as frankly it was very disheartening," she further added.

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