🇺🇸US diplomat in Nairobi resigns, blasts😠 Trump over human rights📝

  |   Kenya News

A 🇺🇸US diplomat in Nairobi has resigned and blasted😠🔈 President Donald Trump over his human rights record.

Elizabeth Shackelford who was in Nairobi over the past 10 months with the US mission to Somalia lamented, in a published letter📝, Trump’s recent pivot away from global diplomacy and the abandoning of human rights protections across the world by the 🇺🇸

It is said her letter shows frustration and anger😠 felt by many career diplomats at the State Department who are being marginalised and forced out🔚 by Trump's administration.

While 🇺🇸US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has claimed efforts to downsize the agency aim to make it more efficient, the result, Shackelford notes, has been a troubling weakening of US diplomatic capabilities.

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