WWE Superstars🌟 Took To Twitter To Support🤝 Bullied Student

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Video of Tennessee student Keaton Jones tearfully explaining to his mother how he’s been bullied at school spread around the internet over the weekend. Jones gives a heartbreaking account of how other students bully him both physically and emotionally and how he doesn’t have friends, which has led to a massive outpouring of support from around the entertainment world.

The video, originally posted on his mom’s Facebook, rapidly spread around social media, leading stars from sports and entertainment to voice their support for the young man. Among those who joined in the outpouring of support for Jones and speaking out against bullying in general were a number of WWE superstars, including A.J. Styles and Kevin Owens.

"It appears to me that you go to school with a lot of insecure students. When they look into the mirror, they don’t like what they see. That’s why they choose you to pick on. Stay strong and know that you have friends that have your back, like me. Stay phenomenal kiddo.", tweeted AJ Styles.

"Just saw this. The world is broken and everyone needs to work to try and fix it. A good first step would be to listen to Keaton’s message and start by being nicer to each other in every day life. Lots of small steps can make a big difference. Stay strong, Keaton.", tweeted Kevin Owens.

Watch the heartbreaking video:📹 http://v.duta.us/CCV_vwAA

Read more tweets: http://v.duta.us/yHdW9gAA

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