Zaira Wasim 😣Molestation Case: Accused has Been 👮Arrested

  |   Bollywood / India News

The actress opened up about how she was being harassed by a middle aged man in the flight and how the cabin crew didn’t even help her out. In a self-shot video for Instagram live chat, Zaira broke down saying, “I just landed, the whole irony of this that I yelled. And this is not done. This is not how you should be treated or made to feel. This is terrible. This is how they will take care of girls? No one will help us if we don’t decide to help ourselves and that is the worst thing.”

Late on Sunday night, the Mumbai Police arrested the accused, identified as Vikas Sachdeva, 39. According to police, Sachedeva, a resident of Andheri, was earlier detained this afternoon and questioned before arrested for molestation and on other charges. The incident drew wide condemnation.

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