25-year-old man hacked🔪 his wife to death in Mitume estate😱

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Over the weekend, a 25-year-old man hacked his wife to death in Mitume estate, Kitale, before he surrendered to the police. Anthony Karanja reportedly picked a quarrel with his wife Esther Wangui, 23, on Sunday night over an alleged love message in his phone📱

In the heat of the moment, the suspect picked a 🔪 and stabbed her on the legs, chest and thighs. The man then allegedly hacked the woman using an axe before he walked to Matisi 👮Police station shouting “Nimemmaliza endeni mumchukue," (I have killed her go and collect the body) 😱

The incident comes barely 4⃣ days after a man allegedly committed suicide in Kapsara village after his girlfriend reportedly received a night 📱phone call from another man.

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