PM Modi was dark, became 'fair' after eating imported mushrooms: Alpesh Thakor 📹

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In an undated video doing the rounds on social media, Gujarat OBC leader Alpesh Thakor is seen taking a jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, bizarrely on the basis of his skin colour.

"Modiji eats mushrooms from Taiwan. One mushroom costs Rs 80 thousand and he eats five mushrooms a day. He was dark like me but he became fair because of imported mushrooms," Thakor can be heard saying.

Thakor goes on to allege that PM Modi has been consuming these Taiwanese mushrooms ever since he was Gujarat chief minister.

"The PM eats mushrooms worth Rs 1 crore 20 lakh in a month, he doesn't like roti chawal. It is just an act. One wonders how many crores his workers eat," he charges.

He adds that the masses cannot consume the food PM Modi eats as it is "not the food of the poor."

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