Soldiers Accused Of Shooting🔫 at a Bus Full Of Passengers🚌

  |   Zimbabwe News

Image Credits: Pindula News

Members of the 🇿🇼Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) have been accused of firing at an MB Transport bus🚌 which was heading for Mutare on Sunday. The bus was carrying 42 passengers.

The alleged soldiers are reported to have used a private vehicle belonging to a Masvingo based Zimra official identified as Makunike to chase the bus which had refused to stop🚫 after being flagged by Makunike who was using an unmarked vehicle. Makunike is reported to have asked the soldiers for help and chased the bus. The soldiers then 🔫fired at the bus with one of the bullets reportedly narrowly missing the driver and shattering the window behind him.

Makunike refused to comment🤐 on the issue and directed all questions to the Zimra head office in Harare.

Read the official statement of the bus owner:

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