White House releases list of "eyewitnesses" who did not see Trump sexually harass people!

  |   Donald Trump

As reported, there have been many women who have accused President Trump of sexual harassment. Indeed, yesterday 3 of them came forward for an interview to make sure their stories were not forgotten.

Today, the White House released a list of "eyewitnesses" who did not see the sexual harassment happening. Obviously this is meant to exonerate Trump of the accusations. We are not entirely sure how that works.

But even assuming that this list would exonerate Trump, it is clear that it does no such thing. The list of eyewitnesses includes, a lady who was at a different event than the one at which the incident allegedly occurred; another lady who was also at a different event; and a man who has been proven to be a notorious liar.

Read the rest of the story here: http://v.duta.us/VElTEwAA

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