Did Jinder Mahal Forget🤐 What to Say When He Jumped👊 AJ Styles Backstage❓

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Jinder Mahal is currently chasing after AJ Styles because he wants his WWE championship back. Some would even say these two men are feuding over a common goal.

So it makes sense for Mahal to attack Styles backstage tonigth (Dec. 12) on SmackDown. It was a sneak attack while Styles was in the middle of being interviewed by Renee Young. The jumping of Styles, while he was not looking, was even played very well by Mahal.

Then Mahal got on one knee, grab Styles by the hair, looked into the champion’s eyes and said nothing. In fact Jinder Mahal paused for nearly seven seconds before saying what he wanted to say to AJ Styles.

“This Sunday, you will NOT be beating the odds!"

Watch the video:📹 http://v.duta.us/1YG7qwAA

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