Joel Embiid's Wild😒 NBA Finals Prediction👏

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The Philadelphia 76ers big man has become the poster child for trolling this season with his theatrical on-court antics and unapologetic comments. Embiid has embraced the troll lifestyle, which was put on full display in a recent interview with ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne. The 23-year-old has high hopes for Philly this season, and he doesn’t appear to be afraid of the defending NBA champions. “(The Golden State Warriors) will be ready to go seven games with the Sixers in June,” Embiid told Shelburne.

Not all of Embiid’s sentiment is off-base. There’s a very strong chance the Warriors will be playing in June for a fourth straight year, but it’s tough to imagine the 76ers reaching the Finals, who currently sit at 13-13. While there’s no clear-cut powerhouse in the Eastern Conference, it’s hard to imagine the East not being claimed by either the Boston Celtics or Cleveland Cavaliers.

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