Monday Night Raw 📑Results: Raw Would be 😢Lost Without The Shield🛡

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Well into what was becoming a fairly lopsided beatdown Monday Night, Roman Reigns impossibly recovered with enough strength to land a one-armed sit-up powerbomb on his opponent, Cesaro, that eventually led him to a victory.

arlier in the night, Seth Rollins was visibly laboring after his surgically repaired knee was taking a pounding from Sheamus before Rollins converted an incredible superplex-Falcon Arrow combo on one leg that ultimately propelled him to a win as well. And then there was Dean Ambrose, who lost to Samoa Joe in singles competition but had a couple of his own highlight-reel spots.

It was further evidence that Raw would be lost without The Shield, who continue to carry the show during these slower periods, and likely will for months to come. But the series of matches also reminded us how effective The Shield members are when they perform individually, building their own narratives and credibility.

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