Ranveer Singh🎭 Reveals Why He Cried😢 During 'Padmavati' Shoots

  |   Bollywood

Most of us already know that Ranveer Singh has great regard for his mentor Sanjay Leela Bhansali. The ‘Padmavati’ actor has always said that the director is a creative genius and he believes in him fully.

Ranveer recently talked about his experience working with SLB for the third time and how the director has always given him the space to experiment and add his flavour to the film. Admitting that he was allowed to "freestyle" in previous ventures, he says this time, Bhansali had a clear vision of what he wanted, the way he wanted Alauddin Khijli to be. So, to take his direction and try and apply it was very challenging for the actor, some times. Ranveer even revealed that he would leave the set and cry if he didn't get it and come back in a while to try to finish it.

Despite ‘Padmavati’ facing innumerable obstacles, Ranveer has kept his cool as he feels the process itself is the prize.

The film that also stars Deepika Padukone and Shahid Kapoor, is awaiting its certification from the CBFC with reports hinting at a February release on the cards.

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