Taylor Swift’s Boyfriend❤️️ Joe Alwyn Plans Romantic Dinner & 😍Intimate Birthday Night🌃

  |   Hollywood

The 26-year-old is giving the gift of love and romance to girlfriend Taylor Swift as she turns 28 on Dec.13. Joe is planning a surprise romantic dinner and an intimate night alone with Taylor at a luxury hotel suite to help celebrate her birthday. Their romance has been amazing lately and Joe can’t wait to surprise Taylor with a passionate evening with just the two of them. Taylor and Joe are really falling in love with each other and things have never been better.

Joe has ordered dozens of red roses for their suite, several bottles of champagne and he is having a private chef who will cook them dinner and recreate one of her favorite dishes as part of their meal, sweet potato pancakes normally found at her favorite restaurant in Nashville. Joe even had a diamond pendant made for her with huge diamonds that form the shape of the number 13, her favorite number and the date of her birthday.

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