Zimbabwean🇿🇼 Army’s Crackdown👊 on Touts

  |   Zimbabwe News

Image Credits: Groundup

The army campaign to clear Harare of the touts who control the buses🚌 and minibuses has also been extended to the young men who fill up or drive unlicensed “pirate taxis”🚕(small, rusty sedans).

The campaign began on 🗓5 December. The move is said to be a follow-up to “Operation Restore Legacy” — the name for the army-led blitz that saw Robert Mugabe step down as president on 18 November.

On 4 December, the 🇿🇼Zimbabwe Republic Police, the Zimbabwe Defence Forces and the Harare Municipal Police👮 drove around Zimbabwe’s towns, blaring warnings on loudspeakers to touts to vacate their “illegal” pickup points or face forced ❌removal. Since then, touts have vanished, fearing beatings from soldiers.

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