C/Region: 👮Police to pursue criminals with ‘Operation Father Christmas’🎅

  |   Ghana News

The Central Regional Commander of the Ghana Police Service, COP Rev. Ampah-Bannin, has sent a strong warning to criminals in the Region to either flee and seize their actions or face the wrath of the police👮

An operation dubbed 'Operation Father Christmas'🎅 has thus been launched🚀 in the region to declare war on criminals as the 👮police intensify security before, during and after the Christmas season.

"I want to warn all the armed robbers; I want warn all pick-pockets; I want to warn all drug peddlers and addicts that we are on them this time, so they should start fleeing before we catch up on them", COP Ampah-Benin threatened🔈😠

He added🔈 that all unregistered motorbikes🏍 and all 🚗vehicles without registered numbers moving at odd times should be arrested, and everyone whom you find at odd places where we suspect are hideouts for criminals should be apprehended.

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