Jubilee’s 3⃣ million title deeds📜 may be declared illegal❗

  |   Kenya News

More than 3⃣ million title deeds📜 issued by the Jubilee administration since 2013 may be rendered illegal😔 This is due to failure to comply with a court order issuing steps to regularise them😞

he High Court on December 19, last year, ruled all title deeds📜 issued without the involvement of the National Land Commission (NLC) and enactment of requisite regulations by Parliament were irregularly processed and therefore illegal. But Justice Joseph Onguto suspended✋ the adverse order to give the Government 1⃣ year to fix legal shortcomings🙏

As the deadline expires next Monday, the Government is yet to effect the legal requirements😞 Yesterday, top officials were scrambling to prepare to move to court to seek another extension.

This was as experts warned of a looming upheaval in the real estate and financial sectors, and the economy in general, should the decree that the title deeds are illegal come into force.

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