R Madhavan's Tech 🗣Talk Impresses Audiences👏

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Though he is famous for his acting chops, not many know that R Madhavan can also give a 'pep' talk! Recently, the handsome actor was in Los Angeles, US, where he delivered a talk on the topic, 'Entrepreneurship changing landscapes of technology - what to expect and how to prepare for the near future' as a motivational speaker.

In an interview to a daily, Lakshmi Pratury, the host and curator of the event in Los Angeles, shared details about the actor's talk, "R Madhavan spoke about the importance of balancing a journey into the technological future and a journey within oneself to find out what makes us happy. He spoke about Indian ingenuity in the space programme and the need to understand stories of our accomplishments. He spoke about the need to consolidate the scientific research and advancements under one roof, so that people can take advantage of each other's work instead of repeating it. It was about celebrating Indian innovation and supporting it with financial as well as policy decisions."

Read more: http://v.duta.us/AxxwUwAA

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