When 😍Kareena Left Soha Ali Khan 😭Teary-Eyed

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It was a special moment for Soha Ali Khan as she launched her first book in the city on Tuesday.

While Soha's candour impressed one and all, her loved ones matched up to her sharp wit with interesting anecdotes. However, the evening also witnessed some emotional moments when Kareena's heartfelt confession left the actress-author teary-eyed.

Kareena said, "I rarely get intimidated by people, but if there's one person who I find intimidating, it's Soha. I am in awe of her. I am pretty nervous whenever I am dining with Saif and Soha. I feel like I am never going to understand their conversation. If Kunal can't follow it, there's no way I can, but she has always been so polite. She will ask me, 'What's up? Did you buy anything? What's the gossip?' I wonder if that's how the conversation is going to be like with me forever (laughs). I feel small and vain whenever I am around her, but we've found our way now...".

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