Accountant General engaging in Paris Club scam cover-up — Ogunye

  |   Nigeria News

A Lagos-based lawyer, Jiti Ogunye, in this interview with TOBI AWORINDE, faults the claims of the Federal Government and the Accountant General of the Federation that expenditure of the Paris Club refund by states is confidential.

"I was shocked when I heard the position of the Federal Government of Nigeria on the issue. I’m a Nigerian and I don’t expect an official of my country at the federal level to say such provocative things, which are not supported by the constitution and the laws of our country.

"My belief is that the government is a legal entity which should not engage in illegal and unlawful acts. If what the Accountant General said is the position of the Federal Government of Nigeria, it would be tragic. Expenditure of government cannot be a secret thing; it cannot be confidential.

"It is not covered by the Official Secret Act. It is expenditure, for God’s sake. It is not personal expenditure; it is public expenditure. Therefore, that statement to us is regrettable."

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