Adityanath, Azam Khan walk hand-in-hand to attend winter session of UP assembly

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Arch-rivals, Uttar Pradesh chief minister Adityanath and Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan, were seen walking together, holding hands, inside the state assembly premises on Thursday.

Many were shocked to see the rival party leaders exuding bonhomie and sharing laughs, especially considering the two have been at loggerheads lately. Perhaps it was something to do with fact that it was the first day of the Assembly's winter session.

Still, it was hard to forget the barbs the two leaders have traded.

Azam targeted Adityanath early this year by asking "if he would offer namaz" when the latter claimed that the prayers offered by Muslims resemble postures of the yogic 'surya namaskar'.

On his part, Adityanath had in 2014 advised Azam to "learn from the Muslims of Gujarat" and become "big-hearted" like them. The then Gorakhpur legislator was reacting to a remark by Azam who had alleged that Gujarat Muslims voted for Narendra Modi out of fear and compulsion.

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