Supporters of Kitui 👔Governor Charity Ngilu, Julius Malombe 👊Clash Outside Court

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Image Credits: Tuko

Supporters of Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu and those of his predecessor Julius Malombe 👊clashed outside a court in Nairobi on Thursday, leading to arrests.

Three people were arrested following the disturbance at the Milimani Law Courts during the hearing👂🏽 of a petition against Ms. Ngilu's election filed by Mr. Malombe who was 👍cross-examined yesterday. One man allegedly attacked Kitui Chief of Staff Crispus Ileli and was taken to Capitol Hill police station to record a statement.

Court orderlies restored🔨 order. Justice Pauline Nyamweya allowed only 15 people from both parties to attend court proceedings.

The case was adjourned to today.

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