Full Text📑 - St Petersburg Declaration Between Russia🇷🇺 & India🇮🇳

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To mark the 70 years of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Russia and India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday visited St Petersburg to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Modi and Putin spoke about “70 years of strong ties” between the two countries after which Modi said the two countries have adopted the St Petersburg declaration. In the statement titled ‘A vision for the 21st century’, India and Russia also urged all countries to stop cross-border movement of terrorists.

Saint Petersburg Declaration between Russia and India: A vision for the 21st century:
We, the leaders of India and Russia, in the year that marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between our countries, note that the Indian-Russian special and privileged strategic partnership is a unique relationship of mutual trust between two great powers. Our relationship covers all areas of cooperation, including in the spheres of political relations, security, trade and economy, military and technical field, energy, scientific, cultural and humanitarian exchanges, and foreign policy, and helps promote national interests of both countries, and contributes to the establishment of a more peaceful and just world order.

Here is the full text of the declaration - https://goo.gl/2NFeSx

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