Mallya hits out at Haas

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At a time Formula One's new owners are seeking to level the on-track playing field by changing the way the prize pot is divided, doing away with the various historic bonuses and attempting to give everyone a more equal share, there were raised eyebrows when Gene Haas dismissed it as a "socialistic move".

The American believes that teams who have been in the sport for longer should receive more as should those teams enjoying the most success.

Vijay Mallya, whose team enjoys no such bonuses and has, along with Sauber, gone to the European Commission calling on it to investigate the sport, was shocked by Haas' comments suggesting that perhaps (engine supplier) Ferrari played a part.

"I find it actually disappointing that such a new entrant in F1, who has no previous experience of owning an F1 team, makes such a profound statement," he told "Anybody looking at the income distribution pattern of F1 will immediately, without even being prompted, realise how lopsided it all is.

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