Sunny☀ Recounts What Happened During Turbulent Flight🛩

  |   Bollywood / Sunnyleone

While all that was known about Sunny's harrowing flight experience was that bad weather played spoilsport, the actress opens up about what she was going through during the turbulence.

"Firstly, the plane didn't crash, that's why I'm here. We were going to Latur for an event. Their runway does not accommodate a large private plane, it only accommodates small planes. So when we were coming back, we had to stop for refuel and while going in, we hit a stormy area, which was unpredictable. There was a lot of turbulence, it was very scary! I didn't hear what the pilots were saying, I was zoned out, I was with Daniel, he has a fear of turbulence - I stay calm when crisis happens. We got through it, and that's all you can hope," Sunny shares.

She adds, "I thought about it later and I was up till 6 am. I thought, who would take care of the house, who would look after my dogs. I think about these things at a later stage, I'm calm at that moment. Once we got off at Aurangabad we decided not to get onto that plane again, so we drove eight hours to get back to Mumbai. The pilots said this was the worst experience in their entire flying career."

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