Deepika💁🏻 Calls Ranveer This on Instagram! 🤡

  |   Bollywood

By Ra👁

Deepika and Ranveer know full well how to keep the guessing game around their relationship status, alive and kicking. They have never publicly acknowledged nor denied it. But when Karan Johar had Deepika's ex Ranbir and Ranveer together on his coffee couch, it kind of sealed the deal.

But look at Dippy's latest affectionate gesture towards Ranveer. Ranveer, who is in Germany now on a sports-cation, shared a video of himself at the Cardiff stadium saying, "The path to glory! UCLfinal." When the video caught Deepika's eye, she commented on it saying, "Clown."

In case you're wondering, this is the video: 📹:

Maybe fans are reading too much into it, but that doesn't mean this ain't adorable!

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