Governance should be more than building roads, bridges, streetlights –Osi-Samuels

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In this interview with JESUSEGUN ALAGBE, the Convener, Alliance for New Nigeria, Dr. Jay Osi-Samuels, said it was high time Nigerians stopped celebrating politicians for providing them with the basic amenities of living, among other issues Many of us in this country have always prided ourselves on our careers and personal achievements.

In fact, some of us that God has blessed are our own local governments - we build our houses, install boreholes to provide us water, tar the road and so on.

If you're into Information Technology, you can start importing or developing CCTVs; the building owners would start looking for who will supply them; you who are supplying the CCTVs will employ people who will install them, thereby creating jobs for them; you who are developing the CCTVs locally will create more jobs; at the same time security is improved in the country.

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